Featured Enterprise: Savory Institute Holistic Platform

The Savory Holistic Platform as been developed to provide online support and training for farmers and land managers. This platform provides specific tools that enhance understanding of Holistic Management as well as assisting in implementation. Primary focuses are on online education, data management, and collaboration. The platform is built upon myObservatory technology, presenting an extremely customized user interface that allows holistic management practictioners to be guided through a very specific workflow. In this enterprise, myObservatory serves as the backend functionality and processing power for custom-designed interfaces, completely replacing the standard myObservatory interface.

In addition to customized client interfaces, the Savory Institute also leverages the myObservatory Enterprise Manager, which includes the following tools:

  • Institution/Project Manager with Administrative Login Tool
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Enterprise Shared Form Templates
  • Customized Branding Manager
  • Welcome Screen and Intro Builder
  • Enterprise-wide Announcements Tool
  • Custom Guided Help Manager
  • Advertising Banner Manager

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