James Madison University

Department of Integrated Science and Technology

Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

The Integrated Science and Technology Department empowers students to address major real-world problems by promoting solutions that are vital, innovative, pragmatic, global, and integrated.

Instructors from the ISAT Department are using myObservatory to provide some flexible data management functions to the curriculum.

The ISAT 320 course focuses on environmental processes, pollution and control technologies. Grounded in ecology and systems thinking, ISAT 320 integrates classroom, lab, and field-based studies to explore local aquatic and terrestrial environments, contextualize them in broader scientific knowledge, and assess and manage risk.

The course uses myObservatory to store and manage results gathered by students, and to facilitate data entry and collection. This is a great example of using myObservatory in a classroom setting, leveraging the multi-user and acess control capabilities.